Oh crap.

Like most geeks, I like to play with technical things, and try to optimize things to work in my favor.

However, as geeks know, this does not always go the way we want and we end up with broken things.

So, what did I do…

We have two lovely kids who love playing Roblox, however they like to play in the morning before school, which causes issues because they wont get dressed, have breakfast, the usual things.

So I thought yesterday, while on break at work, that I’d remote in and apply some rules to the router to block Roblox.com in the mornings – setup the time schedule, domains to block etc, and hit Apply.

30 seconds later, I’m staring at a “Disconnected” remote screen – wife txts me asking whats going on.

She restarts the router.

I’m pinging the connection which says its up.

Still cant remote.

Wife cant browse.

Oh crap.

I realize what I’ve potentially done.

I call my ISP, because I know they have access to the router – but they can’t even get in, even though its showing as online.

Oh crap.

I get home 5 hours later and fix the issue.

So, what did I learn…..

  1. Dont play with the router remotely
  2. Dont enable rules without specifying the MAC addresses you want to apply them against, or else it selects all by default.

Oh crap.

So what did it take out in this time ?

  • Plex
  • Email
  • Website
  • Unturned server
  • SSH

Oh crap.

All back now.


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