Passwords have been around forever and anyone offering any sort of online service will generally get you to enter a password at one point or another.

Amusing thing is though, that due to passwords being required for everything, is that a lot of “hackers” forget to try accessing anything without a password.

I run an FTP server, and usually its locked down to require a username and password, but recently I allowed “anonymous” access to it. So this means theres no password set as such.

But reviewing log files for the FTP server, it shows people/bots trying to login as all sorts of different accounts, but not one has tried “anonymous”.

So, if you run a server, it appears you’re better off setting up the guest/anonymous account, because noone will ever think to try it 😉

Note: This is tongue in cheek – don’t enable guest/anonymous accounts unless you know what is being opened up.

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