Overwatch News: Role Queue and New Tank: Sigma

At last it looks like Blizzard are finally bringing role queue into competitive games for Overwatch. What this means is there will team setup of 2-2-2 (2 Tanks, 2 DPS, 2 Healers) and even better you will be able to have different ranking for each class. For example you could be a gold tank, bronze […]


By Christina @xtinaistyping · On May 21, 2019 Codemasters® today announced that one of its most loved franchises, GRID®, is making a long-awaited return when it releases on September 13th 2019 on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X and Windows PC (DVD and via Steam). The fourth game in the […]

My Top 5 Worst Video Game to Movie Adaptations

Initially I was going to the overall worst movie adaptation for video games but then decided I would narrow this list down to only the ones that I have actually seen. In no particular order below my 5 worst video game movie adaptations: Super Mario Bros (1993) – Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo I saw this […]


Just have played this game for little bit, imagine a melee based FPS game. Seems like fun, will report back more once have had a proper play.

Overwatch: New Hero Baptiste

A new hero has just hit the Overwatch PTR. Baptiste is a hybrid support hero who has some DPS elements but is mainly healing orientated. I have played him briefly in PTR and he feels like a off-healer to me, I am uncertain if he would have enough output to carry the healing solo. Out […]

It’s a game.

I’m over comp games in Overwatch (or any m/player game really) where snide comments from your own teammates are “notice how bronze players always take DPS characters” or “why did you pick that character, you’re gonna lose the game for us” ……… so, I’m not as good a player as you (maybe I have a […]