TV Shows: Troll Hunters

I have been watching this on Netflix really been enjoying it, don’t be put off that it looks like a kids show. From Wikipedia: “Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia is an American computer-animated fantasy television series created for Netflix by Guillermo del Toro and produced by DreamWorks Animation and Double Dare You Productions.[2] It follows the story of James Lake Jr., a teenage boy who finds […]

Rant : TradeMe

Bit of a personal rant today….. regarding TradeMe (thats NZ’s local version of Ebay for outsiders). Lately, I’ve been listing a decent amount of stuff on there, all low $$ items but lots of them. Hardly any of it selling. But when an item does sell, I’ve hit issues with the buyers. I list item […]

Review: Stargate Origins

As a fan of all of the Stargate TV shows I approached this 10 episode web-series with some doubts but also with a open mind. I have now watched all 10 episodes and can say it is quite watchable but is limited by the lower budget than the rest of the Stargate shows. It is […]

New Lost in Space

There is a new Lost in Space show now on Netfix, just watched the first episode not too bad so far. Will give my review once I have watched the other nine episodes.  

PUBG – Android

So, Tencent released a mobile version of PUBG. Lets take a look… bearing in mind, I’ve never played the PC version. I’m running it on a Huawei P10Lite running Android 7.0 and it runs ok in low settings, except for some major graphical glitches. Due to the number of chipsets etc, its to be expected. […]