I’ve been looking for something to do lately.

So picked on a geeky item.

Been looking at modding my CM Stacker case, as its had something dribbled on it before I got it which has caused the grills etc to rust. Looking to sand it all back, and give it a new paint job with some LED lighting etc…..  

Similar case to mine

Now, me being a geek and not handy at all with mechanical/DIY stuff really, I decided to do a trial run on an old PC case before modding my good one……. had a beat up CM Centurion 532 kicking around the garage, so picked on that.  

Have now stripped that right down, removed everything from it I can from that that was glued/screwed, and started cleaning it up.

Have so far sanded back on side of the case (this is the non-window version of the case) – thank christ for electric sanders 😀

I’ve cut off the columns from the side (one was broken anyway) and started tidying up the top console (power, USB etc) to make it seem more “natural” for it being there now the columns are gone.

Also doing the same with the bottom part which is plastic where the columns were attached and act as feet for the front of the case.  

The end goal, (and may change) is to sand it all back to bare metal, then spray it white inside and out, put the Overwatch logo (fav game of mine) on the sides, spray the front cover orange, and the grills will leave black and put orange LED’s in behind them, and an orange LED fan at the bottom.

Thats the rough plan anyway……   Wont be a short project, as got other DIY things to get done around the house, so will be done over a few months I’m guessing.