The Overrated Raccoons is a group of friends and associates who try to game together where possible.

We generally don’t take any game too seriously, but occasionally one of us (**Cough**Phoenican**Cough**) do get right into a game and just sit in it for a long time.

There is no “leader” as such, we run as a democracy for any decisions, and if someone kicks up a stink, we just ignore them and do what the masses want anyway.

Age range is around 30+ years (won’t mention the age of the oldest), but pretty immature minded 😉

Gaming is normally done on Windows, with the occasional Playstation/Xbox game popping up.

We do have a server available for whatever game is taking our fancy at the time, most recently it has been Unturned.

We also try to have a LAN every 3-6 months depending on who is available (and not getting, married, having kids, getting old)

If you think you’d enjoy playing with such folk, drop XPD an email.