Microsoft Play Anywhere – or not.

I feel slightly scammed. My own fault I guess.

Purchased Forza Horizon 4 for Xbox (physical copy), with the thinking I’ll get it running on the PC via the Play Anywhere scheme.

Everywhere I looked, “Forza Horizon 4 Supports Play Anywhere”.

Except if you own a physical copy.

So turns out after a bit more digging, that Play Anywhere ONLY works with digital copies of games, ie: You bought and downloaded online.

So now I have a physical copy which is going to collect dust unless I can sell it and find a digital copy online for the same price…….



By Christina @xtinaistyping · On May 21, 2019

Codemasters® today announced that one of its most loved franchises, GRID®, is making a long-awaited return when it releases on September 13th 2019 on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X and Windows PC (DVD and via Steam). The fourth game in the series, GRID delivers intense wheel to wheel racing action, spanning four continents in some of the world’s most famous city streets and race circuits. Choose cars from GT, Touring, Stock, Muscle, Super-Modified and more, across race types including Circuit, Street Racing, Ovals, Hot Laps, Point-to-Point and World Time Attack.

GRID strikes the perfect balance, offering risk and reward for every type of racer. Handling is incredibly responsive with a learning curve that appeals to both casual arcade gamers through to the core simulation racers. Progression is rewarded through liveries, player cards, team mates, achievements and driving accolades. AI drivers push the player to their limits to earn a place on the podium and ultimate victory in the GRID World Series Championship. Realistic damage can affect both the car’s performance and handling and too much contact with the same racer will see them emerge as a nemesis who will stop at nothing to get their revenge in the race.

Established as one of the best modern-day drivers across F1®, Endurance and Stock Racing, Fernando Alonso has signed as a Race Consultant and appears in-game. Players enter a series of events against some of Alonso’s Esports driving team ‘FA Racing’, across multiple classes of racing before coming face to face with the former World Champion in his infamous Renault R26 car, in a final showdown event.

“GRID as a racing franchise is revered by our community and we are delighted to bring it to the current generation of consoles,” said Chris Smith, GRID Game Director at Codemasters. “The game offers so much variety and depth, from the number of modern and classic cars through to the locations and race options. Renowned for its handling, the game will appeal to all types of player, from casual drivers who want a lean-in challenge, to sim drivers who want some serious fun.

We are also delighted to work alongside Fernando Alonso who is arguably one of the world’s greatest ever drivers. His experience and knowledge has enabled us to make improvements to both the performance and handling of our cars. We could not be more proud to have signed him both in-game and as a Race Consultant. We can’t wait for our players to experience the final version when it comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this September.”

Fernando Alonso added: “Having competed across F1®, Endurance and Stock Racing, GRID is the perfect game for me and I’m delighted the studio has added both myself and my racing team into the game. GRID offers so much variety and I welcome the challenge when players get to line-up against me.”

For future news and details follow GRID’s social channels on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

Upcoming : GTR Festival 2019

June 15th 2019 is the next GTR Festival at Hampton Downs, and I’m looking forward to it.

If you didn’t know, I’m bit of a car enthusiast and love the JDM cars such as Nissan Skylines, Silvias etc…….. so keep eye out for the pics!

Check here for last years pics!

My Top 5 Worst Video Game to Movie Adaptations

Initially I was going to the overall worst movie adaptation for video games but then decided I would narrow this list down to only the ones that I have actually seen.

In no particular order below my 5 worst video game movie adaptations:

Super Mario Bros (1993) – Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo

I saw this movie at the movie theatre when it was released, if only I could go back to my younger self.

Double Dragon (1994) – Robert Patrick, Mark Dacascos, Scott Wolf

Again another awful movie adaptation of a fun game from the 1980s, it is like no one has actually played the games before making a movie

It does have Alyssa Milano in it though, so that is a bonus I guess.

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997) Robin Shou

The first Mortal Kombat (1995) I actually enjoyed and own on DVD, but this follow up movie is so bad its bad, looks cheap and the acting all round laughable.

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007) Jason Statham

The Stath slumming it with the legendarily bad Uwe Boll directing. Seriously look up some his other movies, they are all bad.

Wing Commander (1999)Freddie Prinze Jr.

Again saw this at the movies if Im not mistaken XPD was also there, bad special effects and cingeworthy acting.

Please be advised that this is only my opinion and you might love some of these above movies.


Just have played this game for little bit, imagine a melee based FPS game.

Seems like fun, will report back more once have had a proper play.

Paranormal Punchers Podcast

I’ve always had a small interest in the paranormal (thats ghosts, bigfoot, UFO’s etc) but recently started listening to Paranormal Punchers, a light hearted look at the paranormal stuff around the world.

Well worth a listen, have a chuckle, and drink along with the hosts 🙂

Overwatch: New Hero Baptiste

A new hero has just hit the Overwatch PTR.

Baptiste is a hybrid support hero who has some DPS elements but is mainly healing orientated.

I have played him briefly in PTR and he feels like a off-healer to me, I am uncertain if he would have enough output to carry the healing solo.

Out of all of his abilities the Immortality Field looks the most powerful, creating a temporary shield that stops other players from dying. This is done not allowing health go under 20%. I suspect this had been introduced to stop the Junk Rat or Pharah team kills

Will provide another update once he goes live and a better sense of team dynamics comes into play.

For a full breakdown of his abilities see the article below:

Origin Video:

It’s a game.

I’m over comp games in Overwatch (or any m/player game really) where snide comments from your own teammates are “notice how bronze players always take DPS characters” or “why did you pick that character, you’re gonna lose the game for us” ……… so, I’m not as good a player as you (maybe I have a life)

It’s a game.

So my response to you is to throw the game.

It’s a game.

I don’t give a shit if I get banned/reported.

It’s a game.

I play the game for fun, not to be told I’m useless or shit, had enough of that at school thanks and became an adult with morals and a good attitude to things in life, I don’t put down other players because I’m better than them.

Boost your team mates moral and give them constructive criticism. Be a man.

Just remember.

It’s a game.

TV: Discovery vs The Orville

Both of these shows have now are in their second seasons and there is a rivalry with some of the fans of both these shows.

I have watched both of the 1st seasons and are now watching the respective 2nd seasons, I can say you can watch both shows with no issues as they are quite different.

The Orville initially looked like a comedy Sci- Fi show from the earliest trailers but watching it you realise it is trying to replicate Star Trek: The Next Generation with look and story telling. The show has slowly gotten better over the course of its run so far, finding its feet after an uneven 1st season.

Star Trek: Discovery which claims to be prequel show set 10 years before the The Original Series, looks pretty but was very uneven in the first season with several story lines and characters breaking continuity with Star Trek lore. The 2nd season has so far been dramatically better with the introduction of Captain Pike a character loosely from the original series, it appear the show runners are attempting a course correct to fix up some of the issues from the 1st season.

My advise is to give both of these show a try for a few episodes before making judgement.