Quic is quick

So I recently put in a request to move my connection with Quic internet to our new house, and cancel our old connection. Guess what ? They got it right in one go, no hassles, no having to contact them to move my static IP or anything, just plugged my router into the ONT, and… Read More »

Am I getting too old for games ?

Been getting bored of games lately…. and think I worked out why. Theyre getting too complicated for themselves. When I started gaming, games were pretty straight forward, or at most after a couple of hours you worked out how to play them. Todays games are so full of game related functions and options, its overwhelming… Read More »

I am still alive!

Honest! Not been posting as much as I had hoped over last few months, but been a bit going on in the real world. Sold our house, so preparing for move to new house (can’t wait), bought a new car (2023 Haval Jolion Ultra Hybrid), and role at work has changed quite a bit. Will… Read More »

Picture gallery….

…. is offline. I cannot for whatever reason, find a decent WordPress image gallery that does not have issues. I’ve been through a few, and all have ground stopping problems. So until I find a solution, all image galleries are offline.

2 Degrees downfall

As per one of my previous posts, 2Degrees started on a downhill slide, which people are/were hoping to be a temporary thing while 2D sorted out all the networks they bought into. Unfortunately the problems are still on going, and people are bailing from anything related to 2Degrees (Orcon, Slingshot), left right and center. Multiple… Read More »

Dungeon Crawler Carl

A man. His ex-girlfriend’s cat. And a bunch of clueless aliens who have just wiped out 95 % of the Earth. For TV ratings. Was looking for something new to read/listen to, when I came across a Reddit post about “LitRPG” – had no clue what that was but found its meaning – “literary role… Read More »

Scam Website Stores

How to identify a scam website store These sites are very prevalent these days, and are easily setup, so unfortunately its like playing whack-a-mole to take them down. If you do fall for such a site, best thing to do is IMMEDIATELY contact your bank and get a chargeback on your Credit Card. Then contact… Read More »


PAYDAY 3 PLAY EARLY STARTS TODAY Players can get the ultimate heisting experience three days ahead of the Global Launch Stockholm, Sweden – 18th September, 2023 – After much anticipation and excitement, Starbreeze and Deep Silver announce that PAYDAY 3, the ultimate co-op heist shooter fantasy, is launching into a Play Early phase later today and ahead of… Read More »

Vocus owned ISPs… support ?

Vocus Group is now tied up with multiple NZ ISP’s, 2Egrees, Call Plus, Orcon etc…. thats fine, they do generally have a good network. But one thing that has been sorely fucked up by these mergers, is the support and customer service. Recently, I was migrated to a different platform for my 2Degrees connection. And… Read More »