Am I getting too old for games ?

By | 3 May 2024

Been getting bored of games lately…. and think I worked out why. Theyre getting too complicated for themselves. When I started gaming, games were pretty straight forward, or at most after a couple of hours you worked out how to play them.

Todays games are so full of game related functions and options, its overwhelming to someone of my age and gaming experience. I’ve not grown with the times when it comes to gaming. And its probably why I struggle to invest in newer games and keep going back to the old ones (inc retro).

Guess its because back in the day, you only had a single fire button (if joystick based) and maybe a couple of keys to remember. Now, you need to remember so many key assignments its crazy, to get full experience of the game. And remember entire tech/skill trees to get the best outcomes. The grinding involved pisses me off.

Games such as Deep Rock are fun, as they are pretty straight forward, and you get a lot of enjoyment regardless of how you manage your skills etc. But along comes a game like Diablo 3, (and probably D2 to a degree), and you really need to sit down and study the game to progress.

I miss the good old days of Syndicate, K240, Half Life etc.

Enjoyable without going too overboard in features and functions.
Guess I’m just getting old.