Stores / Traders

Recommended stores :



Respect Retro Gaming

Nostalgia Box

AVOID these stores :

Desertcart – they claim to be one of the best. but in reality they are just a drop shipping company. They are NOT NZ based or even company registered. They charge 3-4x the price on items.

Recommended TradeMe Sellers :

Use at your own risk TradeMe Sellers :

Discoweasel – He seems to know how to get hold of retro gear, but he charges the earth for it, and is completely up himself when queried on anything. Also some issues with descriptions vs actual goods once received. He tends to think himself an expert on all this stuff but when challenged on simple items, he gets into a tantrum and starts mouthing off that hes a well known and respected retro enthusiast – which is a pile of shit. I’ve yet to see anyone say anything good about him. So if you’ve got funds to blow and he appears to have what you want, take the risk I guess…. but 90% of the time, you can source the stuff yourself from overseas at a cheaper price.