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You have your basic Mainlines, Premiums, themed assortments, Redlines, RLC’s, Treasure Hunts (TH) and Super Treasure Hunts (STH).

Mainlines are essentially the cars you see in stores for a few dollars (price depends on where your located). Regular released cars with no special features or themes.

Premiums are castings that cost more. Premiums will have rubber wheels and can be seen in series’ such as Fast and Furious, Ronin Run, Boulevard, etc. Premiums can either featured as a singular car, a car with a hauler in which is called a Team Transport, and there’s the 2 pack premium which features 2 selected cars.

Themed Assortments are basically like Mainlines but have a theme to it. For example: Spring, Christmas, Looney Tunes, Ultra Hots

Redlines are older cars that have wheels that are black and have a red circle within the tire. Hence the word Redlines. These are cars that were released between 1968-1977. These tend to go for more money because of the age and the fact you don’t see them often.

RLC’s are cars that are bought online with a RLC membership. RLC standing for Redline Club. These cars can only be bought online and have a limited run. For example x/10000 or x/30000. Something like that. Also, these cars can feature things such as opening doors/hood and more work towards the design of the car (varies).

Treasure hunts are intentionally-production limited castings places within the mainlines. Same card design as the mainlines, but these will be classified as a th (short for treasure hunt) by a grey hotwheels flame circle logo on the package behind the car.

Super Treasure Hunts (STH) are like Treasure Hunts but have rubber tires, and Spectraflame paint. Also, same spot on the packaging for the Hot Wheels flame logo but this time, it’ll be gold. These are more valuable than Treasure Hunts as they are harder to come by. As for value, it varies on the model as some models go for more because of what it is. Vice versa for models not so much in demand.

Don’t collect for value, don’t read social media garbage on what to collect, don’t collect for clout and pandering. Take your time and don’t panic buy all at once. a good collection is a lifetime effort. this is why legendary collectors are known by first and last name basis.

if you’re into it longer than 5 months you will form ideas and directions for what cars you want to add and how your collection will go, over time. it will grow as you come across things you like, stuff you see online and what to add, and all kinds of ways. there is literally thousands of subsets, brands, series, editions, etc from the past years. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed and panic when you think of this as a job rather than for fun.

Most importantly, collect what you like. Everyone has their own system such as only JDM or only muscle, maybe only yellow cars or only Nissan. But make it to your liking.