Windows Seedbox

By | 8 May 2023

For some reason, a lot of people are against running Windows 10 for a seed box scenario and insist you need a VPN.

Why ?

The VPN in theory is to stop your ISP and other parties from seeing your IP when monitoring torrents for copyrighted material. Here in NZ, ISP’s tend to be rather lax about torrents unless someone complains, and even then you’ll generally be given a “don’t that” warning and let on your way. So a VPN is useful if you know your ISP actively disconnects “torrent” customers.

For a seed box, running Windows 10 is fine – BUT – keep it updated and do NOT use RDP (Remote Desktop) to access it externally. Setup something like Anydesk/Teamviewer etc, or if technically minded (aka a geek), a VPN to your seed box for external access.

I’ve been using a Windows 10 seed box for years now and had no issues.

Leech away…..