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2 Degrees downfall

As per one of my previous posts, 2Degrees started on a downhill slide, which people are/were hoping to be a temporary thing while 2D sorted out all the networks they bought into. Unfortunately the problems are still on going, and people are bailing from anything related to 2Degrees (Orcon, Slingshot), left right and center. Multiple… Read More »

Scam Website Stores

How to identify a scam website store These sites are very prevalent these days, and are easily setup, so unfortunately its like playing whack-a-mole to take them down. If you do fall for such a site, best thing to do is IMMEDIATELY contact your bank and get a chargeback on your Credit Card. Then contact… Read More »

Vocus owned ISPs… support ?

Vocus Group is now tied up with multiple NZ ISP’s, 2Egrees, Call Plus, Orcon etc…. thats fine, they do generally have a good network. But one thing that has been sorely fucked up by these mergers, is the support and customer service. Recently, I was migrated to a different platform for my 2Degrees connection. And… Read More »

Windows Seedbox

For some reason, a lot of people are against running Windows 10 for a seed box scenario and insist you need a VPN. Why ? The VPN in theory is to stop your ISP and other parties from seeing your IP when monitoring torrents for copyrighted material. Here in NZ, ISP’s tend to be rather… Read More »