NZ fuel drive offs

By | 15 May 2023

Today I pull into Z Silverdale to fill up, and get asked to go into the store – thinking this is odd as I just use my card to pay etc at the pump….  they  inform me they are unable to fill my car due to a drive off.

Was puzzled as hell, asked when – last November at Z Manly, a station that I rarely use. The staff then says “two woman were driving it”. This puzzled me even more as I’m thinking of my wife, and she does not drive this car as she hates it. 

The staff then say I should’ve received a letter informing me of this – except the car is still in someone elses name and I only recently got the address updated, so never got the letter. I query as to why such a long delay in action, as Im at that station every week and never been notified. “The system is extremely backlogged” was the response – so is taking 6 months for their APNR system to process drive offs – wow…. thats a lot theyre dealing with.

I go back to the two woman – is there a pic ? They use my phone and take a pic from their screen…… oh crap. I did loan the car to a friend for a few days… and bingo, clear as day there they are filling the car at Manly 😀 So all sorted now.

With the system being so back logged, its either pointing to a LOT of Kiwis being dishonest or forgetful, OR the Z APNR system is running on a 486 with 8MB and a 120MB IDE drive….  🙂

I don’t know which I’m hoping it is TBH…