2 Degrees downfall

By | 27 October 2023

As per one of my previous posts, 2Degrees started on a downhill slide, which people are/were hoping to be a temporary thing while 2D sorted out all the networks they bought into.

Unfortunately the problems are still on going, and people are bailing from anything related to 2Degrees (Orcon, Slingshot), left right and center.

Multiple complaints have been raised in forums and social media, and 2D have remained pretty damn silent. Yet the issues continue.

Its sad when this happens, a great company gets too big too fast and down they go….. if they spoke to their customers and admitted there’s some issues, people would probably hang around with hopes the issues are fixed soon.

But silence is a killer.

I’ve since switched to Quic which has been a fantastic experience so far. (Use my link to save setup fee!)

Quic are pretty open about their network, give you access to your ONT stats, no CGNAT, and cheaper than most providers. BUT. They do not have a helpdesk. So you are on your own when it comes to issues, unless you are pretty confident it is a Quic issue and they’ll take a look.

Accounting is damn straight forward, no credits applied then removed in the same invoice. Its just your monthly fee, and thats it 🙂