P and O Cruise Review / Information 2023

The family and I along with some friends went on a 13 night P and O cruise aboard the Pacific Explorer, which took us to destinations such as Fiji, Tonga and Norfolk Island. Some things I learnt… Backend / Payment System We were given $700 credit on board as part of our booking, however this… Read More »

My fav Amiga games

In the days of the Amiga, there were a LOT of games produced, but I always had my favorites on hand regardless of how old they were. North and South Syndicate Alien Breed Escape From Colditz The Secret Of Monkey Island Dogfight Brutal Homicide and so many more…. Some of the above have been remade… Read More »

Official: I’m an old gamer

Recently decided to fire up a Quake 3 Arena server for my mates and I to play some good old deathmatch on. Was in a game when my daughter’s band mates turned up….. they stood there looking at me playing. “What game is that ?” Oh yeah. You guys were not even a twinkle in… Read More »

NZ fuel drive offs

Today I pull into Z Silverdale to fill up, and get asked to go into the store – thinking this is odd as I just use my card to pay etc at the pump….  they  inform me they are unable to fill my car due to a drive off. Was puzzled as hell, asked when… Read More »

Windows Seedbox

For some reason, a lot of people are against running Windows 10 for a seed box scenario and insist you need a VPN. Why ? The VPN in theory is to stop your ISP and other parties from seeing your IP when monitoring torrents for copyrighted material. Here in NZ, ISP’s tend to be rather… Read More »